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We are moving....
Now before you start to freak out.  We are just moving our blog.  As much as I love this site, there is another one out there that allows us to share video easily and uploads much quicker.  So I have decided to move the blog.  Hopefully this will allow us to share more of our craziness with our extended family and friends. 

Our new site is  http://jesmerchek.blogspot.com/

I plan on posting new things there, and slowly transitioning old posts over there.  Once that is done, this blog WILL BE deleted.  Therefore, bookmark the new one!!

Colorado Trip- Monday

I woke up at about 3am with suck horrible back pains that I honestly couldnt move without being in pain.  I honestly thought that Joel would be taking me to the urgent care down the street.  Stupid horse, reeked havoc on my poor body.  I accidently woke Joel up as I was trying to get comfortable, so he tried to calm me down, rubbed my back, and then we both fell back asleep.  
In the few hours I slept I had a nightmare that I got stuck under the raft and could not get out from under the boat.  Wonderful, because today we are going rafting.  We headed out and went rafting with the crew at Liquid Descent on Clear Creek.  Once we got there, they got us all set up with wetsuits, booties, wet jackets, helmets, lifejackets, and a paddle.  Let me tell you, we were a good looking crew.  Once we got down to the water, they taught us how to paddle (using you ENTIRE body, not just your arms), and some basic safety points.  IE please do not get stuck under the boat if it flips over.  Great, my nightmare come true.  
But they got us in the water and once I got thru our first class IV rapid (and didnt fall out), I relaxed and was fine in the boat.  We had a great time rafting and enjoyed the beautiful scenery on the creek. 

After our rafting adventure, we went to lunch at Beau Joe's Pizza.  I know, not very exciting.  However, I got Joel to eat a whole wheat pizza with chicken, artichoke hearts, and tomatoes.  YUM.  And the surprisingly, when you get to no more topping on the pizza, they give you honey to put on it.  Makes a great dessert, tastes like a honey wheat pretzel.  YUMMY!!!!!

On the way back to Vail, we saw a sign for Mt. Evans (the highest point you can drive to in the US at 14,240 ft).  So we decided since we didnt have any other plans for the day, we would go for it.  Well, it is a good thing we did, because the road was going to be closed for the rest of the week.  So we started our ascent up the road.  The drive is quite beautiful although quite scary at moments.  Especially since at some areas of the road, there is no shoulder and it drops right off the side of the mountain. 
  While we were driving up the mountain, we spied this interesting character.  We learned a few seconds later that they were members of the UW Madison marching band! 

 Here we are at the top.  Remember, we went rafting earlier.  I look like a drowned rat because I was still semi wet!

Oh and still no sheep!!  Lots of elk, but no sheep.  For these stupid animals being "everywhere", we havent seen one yet!

Colorado Trip- Sunday

On Sunday we woke up, ate some breakfast and headed out towards 4 Eagle Ranch in Wolcott, CO for a day of ziplining and horseback riding.  As we were getting ready, I also realized that I forgot my contacts at home.  (ugh!!! *banghead*)

We got all harnessed up (never been in a harness before, so it was an interesting experience in itself)

We then boarded their 6 wheel drive Swiss Army Pinzgauer.  (sorry no pics)  Then we the course of 6 lines.  They range in length from 150 feet to 1000 feet.  The last one was a 1000 foot line, that got you going about 30 to 40 mph.  It was a BLAST!!!  Out of the 6 lines, I landed one on my feet.  The other ones I came in backwards and had woodchips down my pants (the last one doesnt count, since you are going so fast, they stop you with a rope prior to landing).

After Zip-lining, we had some lunch and then set out for horseback riding.  Now last time we went horseback riding, my horse was "spirited".  Somehow, my luck was the same with the horse in Colorado.  I rode Otis.  Otis was a "pretty boy".  He didnt like getting his feet dirty in the mud, so he decided to go into the grassy field.  The after getting him back on the trail, he saw something he wanted to eat and went for that.  He was also incredibly slow.  I kept getting told to "kick him on up here".  I felt bad kicking him, especially since it did NOTHING to speed him up.  Then as we were riding past a canyon, his rear leg slipped, which caused both of us (horse and myself), to kinda freak out, he slipped down the canyon a little more, but eventually got his footing and back up on the path.  I, on the otherhand, wanted nothing but to get off of the horse.  That was not an option since we were only 1/2 way thru our ride.  Our guide even was scared for me, and must have apologized about 20 times.  Needless to say, I probably won't be riding a horse ANYTIME soon.  My back also hurt like the dickens the next day....probably from trying to not fall down a canyon....
  (and yes, I look terrified, remember I just almost fell down a canyon!)


Once again, on Day 2...we saw no sheep!!  We were told by our guides to keep our eyes peeled and that sheep were everywhere.  No sheep!!

Vail Stay (Saturday thru Tuesday)

During our Vail stay, we stayed at Lionshead Square Lodge, which is on a huge campus of other hotels at the base of a ski resort. 
  Our hotel
  The river that ran through the resort area
  Vail Area
  Vail village shopping area


We spent the evenings strolling through the village area, shopping, and eating dinner at one of the restaurants there  (hmmmmm...crab)

Colorado Trip- Saturday

We left Milwaukee at about 10am and flew out to Denver.  We landed in Denver, got our luggage, boarded a shuttle to the rent-a-car place, got our car, and then headed out on our drive to Vail. 
  Joel driving in the car to Vail

  On the way to Vail we learned about Runaway truck ramps...Here is an example of one.  Looks like it would be fun to sled down (if the interstate was shut down)

We made it to Vail, it was a bit rainy, but we made it.  We checked into our room and got situated around.  When the rain stopped, we went on the gondola ride to the top of the mountain.  (Love free stuff!)

  The Gondola
  The view from the Gondola

  Then we got to the top of the Mountain, walked around a little bit, and learned a little bit about altitude sickness.  (And yes, I realize I look like a drowned rat, it was still rainy/misty at the top of the mountain)

After our gondola ride, we rode back down, went to town and found a grocery store for dinner, breakfast items, and snacks. 

We kept hearing people tell us to watch for big horn sheep.  On Day 1, we saw no sheep.  Nothing on the drive into Vail or on the mountain side....

The joys of potty training

The steps of potty training (thru the eyes of Zackary)

 First strip off your pants and diaper and put on your favorite hat

 Then smile at momma

  Then look in the potty to see if there is anything there

 Decide that you really dont need to go potty, but wash your hands anyways

 Then refuse to put on another diaper and run away

Fishie Fishie!!!

This past week we spent Thursday thru Sunday up in Eagle River.  I worked on Thursday and Friday while Joel and Zackary had some male bonding.  I guess he woke up on Thursday morning, walked into the living room, asked for a smoothie (of course), and then looked at the deer heads and said "deer!".  By the end of the weekend he would say fish and geese. 

  Joel and Zack walking out on the pier to go fishing

 Sitting on the pier bench.  We told him to sit down on the pier and he choose this location. 

  Zack practicing reeling in his line (after Joel casted it out).  We had to move him back on the pier since he wanted to try to jump in the lake or put his pole in the water.

 Look at what was on the end of his line!!  A small fish, which he was scared of at first, was tenative to touch it, but was then sad when Joel threw it back

Later that night I caught a large mouth bass off the pier, not exactly expected!!

I Finally Gave In...

I gave in.  I finally gave in.  I let Joel talk me into TRIMMING Zack's hair.  So we trimmed the hair around his ears and his baby mullet off.  Yes, I realize that he is 22 months onld and many kids have haircuts much earlier in life.  I just was not wanting to cut his hair.  I think Zack looks cute with longer hair.  Although my mother in law has been pushing for a haircut for months now.  (In Seattle she threatened to cut it while we were out)
And yes I almost cried!!  My little boy is getting so big!!




Monkeys do not like carnivals

On our trip to Bluegrass, Iowa we took Zack to the carnival they were having.  We THOUGHT that he would like the rides.  After all, this is the kids that is climbing on our tables, spins in circles, and dives off the couch.  We could not have been more wrong.  Maybe it was the scary "carnies".  Maybe it was because they had the same rides that we probably rode on as kids.  Maybe he just was not in the mood for a ride. 
It started off fine.

Enjoying the ride
 Near the end of the ride...looking for some comfort in the form of his thumb

So figuring that our Monkey loves to swing, we put him on the swing ride....

  It started off just fine

 One look at the "carnie", yielded this face

Which quickly turned into this....

  And before you start thinking that we are horrible parents.  We took him off the ride immediately, once he started crying (good thing he was the only kid on the ride).  We do not want him to be fearful of rides.  Carnies, yes.  Rides, no!!

So then Pat decided that he needed something to comfort him...

  So he played a game

 And won Zack a lizard toy.  And all was right in the world again!!

You know you are old when...

You go on two (yes two) carnival rides and feel like puking for the rest of the night.
Pat, Margie, Joel, and I took Zack to the Bluegrass Days Carnival.  We tried getting Zack on the rides but that didnt work so well.  (more on that later)  Margie and I went on a spiny ride and half way thru decided that we no longer liked the ride. 

Then the boys went on a different ride...they didnt like it too much either.  Then we all decided to use the last 4 tickets and all go on the ride that the boys were just on, again. 

The boys promised not to spin us (which they did).   Margie was able to get out got of her car with Pat, I on the other hand was not able to do that, since Joel spun me after the ride started.  All of us wanted to barf....I wanted to barf for the rest of the night.  UGH!!!  It sucks getting old